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The treehouse hotel Solling offers exceptionally good overnight stays. You can choose from nine unique treehouses and three tree tents. For guests free from giddiness there is for example the treehouse «Tree Dream» at seven meters height. Adventurous kids like the treehouse «Castle» best, and nature lovers favor the treehouse «Freiraum» with an open-air-bed. A rich and tasty breakfast with regional treats will be delivered right to your treehouse. For group events up to 24 persons there is a wooden conference wagon available, with great views into nature.


As already mentioned, you can choose from nine extraordinary treehouses. Those who need even more variety can sleep in one of the popular tree tents.
The accommodations were built from natural domestic woods. Their constructors mainly used larch wood. All treehouses are heated and isolated. Therefore you can plan your holidays here not only in summer but throughout the year.

You see: Whether you would like to spend a wonderful night with your partner or have an unforgettable experience with your whole family – everything is possible at the treehouse hotel Solling.


You don’t have to care about fresh bedding and towels. After the check-in you can just relax, put down your luggage and enjoy the first impressions of the surrounding nature. You get cups, spoons and a water boiler to prepare tea and coffee. Those who booked the stay including breakfast should start the day on the terrace. If requested, the breakfast can be delivered directly to your treehouse.

If you need to go for the toilet, you can use the compost toilets, which are to be found at every treehouse. For a shower there is a wooden shower wagon available since 2015. It was built exclusively for this area and resonates perfectly with the whole atmosphere. Thus even a shower becomes a new and special experience.
For those who don’t like to use the compost toilets there are toilets at the forest atelier close by.

Some may find the idea to spend their holidays in a treehouse a little deterring. But you can be assured: In a treehouse hotel you will be treated just like in a normal hotel. There are electrical outlets in every room, as well as lights. Nevertheless you should not forget to take your torch. The treehouses may be illuminated, but not the whole area. Further you should bring some slippers.

Leisure activities

The treehouse hotel is located at the Adventure Forest Schönhagen. You can spend a magical evening at the bonfire with the whole family or take a bath in the natural lake – but these are only some examples of the wide range of activities the forest offers you. As a guest of the treehouse hotel the entrance is free and included in your booking. You’ll get a key and may visit the area whenever you like.

Additional information

If you didn’t find someone to take care of your dog, you don’t have to take a pass on this holiday – because at the treehouse hotel Solling your little friend is always welcome. You should only bring a sheet or basket and an old towel to clean the paws of your dog.

If you fancy a steak or fresh vegetables, you can use one of the two kettle grills on the terrace. Furthermore, there is a huge grill at the bonfire place – and to be honest, what could be better than starting the grill season at such a place with such a grill?



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